Friday, August 5, 2022

Ox ---> Tiger Campaign Session #8


Session 8-  Boat, Boat, Reward


  • The party overnight on the “Whisky Tea” peacefully

  • Depart the sea cave through a secret door into the Glittering Tower’s dungeon

  • Room #8, rope storage room

  • Room #1 Geoff knocks down pink gem and part of ceiling revealing intricate 


  • Tim studies the lines in the ceiling, gaining a spell slot while within the tower

  • Room #4 Fecus extracts moisture from old rags and discovers 12 rat skeletons 

    with strange symbols on the skulls, which Tim copies for later reference

  • Room #5 Tim throws the puppy Lewie through the shimmering wall of void space, 

    killing the puppy from cold exposure, Fecus wants to take the reed boat through 

    the barrier, but the party decides to get the reward for killing Ondrj first

  • Party backtracks to dungeon room #1 and Tim, Fecus and Launchpad go upstairs 

    to seek out a reward from Medved

  • Medved gives the party 

    • 1000sp  

    • spellbook containing the spells 

      • Kazimir’s resplendent couture and

      • summon and bind minor sandestin (pages 55 and 56 S.U.D.)

  • Golf-ball sized pink glowing gem 600sp recovered from dungeon room #1

  • Tim and Fecus get 534xp each

  • Vo and Geoff get 266xp each

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