Friday, October 28, 2022

Ox ---> Tiger Campaign Session #44


Session 44- Still in the Vat Complex


  • Two more Vatmen enter Room #10 through the southern secret door 

    and the Rams quickly dispatch them.

  • Rams exit Room #10 through the southern secret door and travel back 

    into Room #4 and then enter Room #5.

  • In Room #5, Gore Prep, four more Vatmen are defeated and Rams 

    collect 3 gyno-tools (500gp).

  • The party opens the door to the very long hallway, but do not explore it, 


  • Into Room #6 and then to Room #9.

  • Back to #6 and then into Room #8.  Two Vatmen are encountered and

     defeated.  Sasha provides the first nun-chuck kill of the game!

  • Room #7, five Vatmen are killed.  In the skirmish, Ornie falls into the 

    vat and is rescued before he gets burned.

  • Back into the long hallway and Rams are confronted by a party of 

    three Eld Security.  Rams kill two and capture one for interrogation.

  • Skyfinger (Behvo) the Minotaur sneaks away after injuring the last Eld.

  • 13 Vatmen killed = 260xp

  • 2 Eld killed, 1 captured = 141xp

  • Gyno-tools (500gp) = 500xp

  • Total xp = 901

  • Tim and Fecus = 300xp each

  • Ferika and Yuri  = 150xp each

  • Additional treasure added up on 10/22/22

  • 5000GP = 5000XP

  • 4000EP = 2000XP

  • Potions

    • Giant Strength

    • Water Breathing

    • Giant Control

    • Animal Control

    • Diminution

    • Delusion

  • Scrolls

    • Phanstasmal Psychedelia

    • Ward Against Lycanthropes

    • Ward Against Elementals

    • Ward Against Undead

    • Treasure Map (21000GP)

  • 7000XP total

  • Tim and Fecus = 2333XP each

  • Hirelings = 1166XP each

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Ox ---> Tiger Campaign Session #43


Session 43- Entering the Vat Complex


  • Rams reach the Vat Complex and enter door #1 the Main Entrance

  • Proceeding into #4, the Assembly Room, Rams take the time to 

    create maps after studying the holo-projection of the world that is 

    displayed on the ceiling, 10 adventure locations previously unknown 

    to the party are discovered whilst mapping.

  • Several (3) Eld Artifacts are discovered in Room #11.  They also grab 

    a few fountain pens.

  • In Room #12, the Eld Rec Room, Rams attempt to play the weird game 

    on the glass topped table, but no one is able to make any sense of it and 

    they give up playing eventually.

  • Rams search Room #12 and find a secret door to Room #10.

  • Entering Room #10, Program Management, Rams encounter two Vatmen 

    and a brain in a jar.  Rams kill the Vatmen and Shelby casts Command 

    (Obey) on the brain.

  • 2 Vatmen killed 20xp each = 40xp Total

  • Tim and Fecus = 13xp each

  • Geoff and Shelby = 6xp each

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Ox ---> Tiger Campaign Session #42


Session 42- Mystery Ship, Skyfinger (Behvo), Pagoda City


  • Tim starts a map of the Misty Isle per Ornie’s recollections 

    and Tim’s own jaunts.

  • Foraging: Kaja, Dalibor, and Onegin.

  • Shelby goes around giving pep talks to raise morale, thus 

    +1 Crew Quality Score.

  • Fecus has provided the Ghuls with Sailor Uniforms and 

    now guides them to repair the roof of Tim’s lab.

  • Sasha, Geoff, Yaroj, Kruluzax, and Yuri notice a 

    “Magic Pirate Ship” that the Golden Barge can’t quite 

    catch and can’t quite hit with firepower.

  • A group of Rams land and Black Sand Beach #1.

  • They encounter Skyfinger (Behvo) pulling a tanker car 

    and help him push it to the beach where he pushes out 

    into the surf.  He indicates he will assist Rams for one day.

  •  Rams come across a Grub Feeding Station manned by 

    6 Eldmen and 60 Human Slaves.  Rams defeat the 

    6 Eldmen and send the slaves back to the Golden Barge 

    with Boy and Gigurg.

  • Pagoda City… Nothing Burger?

  • Tim 100xp

  • Onegin? 100xp

  • Kaja 100xp

  • Dalibor 100xp

  • Shelby 100xp

  • Sasha 100xp

  • Geoff 100xp

  • Yaroj 100xp

  • Kruluzax 100xp

  • Yuri 100xp

  • Fecus 100xp

  • 6 Elmen killed = 60xp

  • 60 Human Slaves released + 300xp

  • XP Total 360

  • Tim and Fecus = 120xp each

  • Hirelings = 60xp each

Friday, September 16, 2022

Ox ---> Tiger Campaign Session #41


Session 41- Strategic Retreat


  • Geoff flies recon from Monument 5 and notices an Eld Patrol 

    of 8 Eld Warriors and 2 Houndsmen

  • Sillai and Lachada aid in the interrogation of the captured 

    Eld Technician, Xizlen

  • Rams take Soul Cube

  • Rams retreat to the Golden Barge

  • They sail north taking 2 days of rest to heal

  • Rams anchor off the coast adjacent to Black Sand Beach #1

Friday, September 9, 2022

Ox ---> Tiger Campaign Session #40


Session 40- Monument Five on the Misty Isles


  • As soon as Geoff lands on the bottom stair of the 

    Monument Five, Mvixx (an Eld sentry) rushes up 

    and pushes Geoff off.

  • Geoff is able to arrest his fall by grabbing the robin

  • Rams climb up and engage in combat with the Eld 

    and 2 Bonegrinders guarding the lift.

  • After killing the first floor inhabitants, Rams move 

    up to search 2nd, 3rd,and 4th (Eld Technician)

  • 5th two more Bonegrinders are fought and killed

  • 6th Rams attack and kill Chukk

  • Rams release the Fifth God of Marlinko (Golden Foot) 

    and are promised a single divine favor within the walls of Marlinko

  • Mvixx, Eld Sentry, killed 47xp

  • 4 Bonegrinders killed 4280xp

  • Chukk killed 350xp

  • Eld Tech subdued 47xp

  • “Free the Foot” 2000xp each character on mission of Monument Five

  • Vaxx Sabo Medal 2500gp = 2500xp 

  • Control Circlet 5000gp = 5000xp

  • Gray Lotus Powder = 20 Doses = 1000gp = 1000xp

  • 3 Tungsten Smoking Pipes = 50gp each = 150xp

  • Blastotube = 1000gp = 1000xp

  • 3 Antiorgone Grenades = 450gp = 450xp

  • XP Subtotal 14,824

  • Tim and Fecus 4941xp each

  • 2 Hirelings 2470xp each

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Ox ---> Tiger Campaign Session #39


Session 39- The Last Life Guardian/MCC, and Afterwards 

at the Misty Isles. Give Octocrab a Hug;)


  • Tim and Fecus translate LotFP characters into MCC 

    characters and play through the Last Life Guardian MCC Adventure.

  • Undertaker Birds 100xp x2

  • Fishman 10xp

  • Octocrab 250xp

  • Nacho Blob 250xp

  • Tanorexic Zombie 100xp

  • Droid 500xp

  • Tim, Fecus, Shelby, and Ferika drop off the baby naga and find the 

    exit to come back to the deck of the Golden Barge 1 hour later.  

    Back to LotFP PCs.

  • Pick-up Ornie after he circumnavigated the Misty Isle in 7 days 

    having sold no hruz.

  • Kill 2 Eld and destroy 2 small ships at Naval Port.

  • Geoff flies up to Monument 5 with a rope.

  • Eld 47xp x2

  • Total xp 1404

  • Tim and Fecus 468xp

  • Shelby and 234xp

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Ox ---> Tiger Campaign Session #38


Session 38- Up the Alethorpe River


  • Rams enter the mouth of the Alethorpe River at 

    Dewey Marshes

  • Rams take the Golden Barge  (accompanied by 

    the Whiskey Tea) as far up the Alethorpe River 

    as they can take the barge, Tragidore

  • Buying silver weapons and selling stuff in Tragidore 

    (armor, shield, arrows, 2 cannons for WT)

  • Warvette and War Wagon to Halwic

  • Jade Cobra Teahouse and Reptile Garden

  • Fecus buys tea.  Fecus and Tim buy several healing potions.

  • Yuri beats Tortoise in a Fruit Eating Contest 800xp

  • Tim Purchases a Velvet Iguana Elvis painting 30sp 240xp

  • Pickup and deliver baby Naga through portal ring on 

    Golden Barge 2300xp

  • Yuri receives 800xp

  • Tim and Fecus receive 846xp each

  • Shelby and receive 423xp