Thursday, December 20, 2018

Switching Campaign Gears Today

Depeche Mode and Pile O' Maps

Just Can't Get Enough...

Of Dave Gahan or OSR maps;)  My plans today were to draw maps of either a wizard's tower or a dwarven delve for the online game I want to run.  I decided to outsource the work and get it all done this afternoon.  Digging through my hard drive yielded gems from a couple of Bundle of Holding acquisitions from last year.  I got a variety of maps to kick the campaign off from Dyson Logos' Dodecahedron Review 2016 and ACKS Lairs & Encounters.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy drawing maps, but I need to get moving on running a G+ Flailsnails game before G+ washes away like a sandcastle!  I know I could just move over and run on the Discord Flailsnails server, but I want to get at least one G+ game in just 'cause.  More work on this needs to be done before I can schedule a game, but it was good to get the mapping squared away.  I need to work on the home campaign, too, before I run it this weekend.  The "Mimic Chasers" (this group needs a name, this will do for now) are knocking around Halwic with their investigations, but I need to turn the heat up for this next session!

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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Scenic Dunnsmouth Prep Wrapped Up

I'm Excited to Run Scenic Dunnsmouth

I finished doing the village set-up yesterday.  Lots of pig farmers in the version of Dunnsmouth I rolled up, lol.  All that's left to do is get the village placed on the big campaign map.  I'm holding off on getting this and a few other things on the big campaign map because I want to do the southern part of the map all at once. 

In Other News

We resumed playing Year of the Goat Campaign last Sunday.  The PCs made it to Halwic encountering many refugees from the fire, plague, and mimics.  They spoke to the Abbess of St. Forsythia and learned what they could from her about where the mimic(s) popped up.  Next session they'll inquire with the head of the family that was victimized by mimic(s) to investigate further.  Material I worked on during #DIY30 was very helpful to me!  Fun session.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Pivoting Towards Scenic Dunnsmouth

Scenic Dunnsmouth notes and adventure module

Getting A Handle On Year Old Notes

I began prepping the adventure Scenic Dunnsmouth by Zzarchov Kowolski to place on my campaign map a little over a year ago.  Today I went back to the notes and map I started to see what I had left to complete before I need to run it.  After awhile of looking at the module, my notes, and the map I had made, I decided today's work would be to make a tidier map (I could barely read the numbers of the houses because my handwriting+sharpie=illegible scrawl).

Old Map

I scored a small roll of cool grid paper recently and thought that would be great for the new map.  The width of the new roll of paper was about a centimeter longer than the original map's length, so I could cut the perfect width for the map off the roll and have nearly the same dimensions!

New Map

I did a little bit of refining of the original by re-orienting the north south axis a bit and spacing the buildings out from each other where they had been really crowded before.  Also, I moved the time cube from the west of the boat house to the north east.  Next work session I'll get the notes completed, then I can check this off the to-do list;-)

Thursday, November 29, 2018

#DIY30 Overflow & #MOCKORANGECAIRN100 Goals

Art from Warhammer Armies: Skaven 6th Edition

I Should Have Written And Posted This A Month Ago Or More, LOL

Instead of having to refer back to the wall of text known as my #DIY30 Goals blog post made back in late August, I'm regrouping the unfinished goals from that here and the goal is to get to 100 blog posts by December 31st, 2018.  That goal is somewhat arbitrary because when I finished #DIY30 I was at post number 83, so it seemed like a good way to stay motivated to keep working on RPG stuff and blogging about it. Four and a half weeks are left and 9 blog posts left to go after this one!  I made up a goofy hashtag for this little pet project of mine #MOCKORANGECAIRN100.

The list of stuff I'll be working on or that I completed in October and November are as follows:

     -Mapping for the G+ game I want to run
     -Answering the remaining questions from "20 Quick Questions for Your Campaign Setting"
     -Strange Bedfellows conversion DONE
     -Life During Wartime Part Two blogpost.
     -The Temple of the Fractured Snail- adventure location idea I had.      
     -The Seclusium of the Orphone- I started making a seclusium from this book and it was tedious af, lol, but I want to finish it so I can drop it in my campaign somewhere. DONE
     -Scenic Dunnsmouth- I think I got my SD local map finished, just need to figure out where to put it on my campaign map and set hooks/write a rumor table.
     -Curse of Strahd adaptation.

Rat my cat Porchy killed yesterday DONE

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Putting a Pin in the Seclusium

Tower Map, Location Map, Some Notes

As In It's Done!

I finished my seclusium map and key today.  All that's left with this is to get it on the campaign map.  Since it's going on a part of the map we haven't adventured towards, yet, I'm going to leave that to be done later.  It will be going several hundred miles south of where the PCs are currently and there will be more mapping to do "down there" when the time comes.  Now I can move on to finishing up whatever I had left undone with preparing "Scenic Dunnsmouth."

Ground Floor and Second Floor

Third Floor and Fourth Floor

Fifth Floor and Basement

Friday, November 23, 2018

Wednesday's Seclusium Stuff

Drinking an Almond Milk Chai While I Work On Orphone's Seclusium

This My First Post Composed On Tablet

Typing this way sucks, maybe I should get a little keyboard for my tablet.... anyway brought my notebook to Starbucks and worked on the last questions of Section 6 of The Seclusium of Orphone.  Done with that, just need to finish up mapping and then I can move on to another project.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

I've Lost My Compass

Canning Rings=Improvised Drawing Tools

I Needed to Draw Some Circles

But my compass was nowhere to be found.  I've done so much minimizing in the last two years that I don't know whether my cheap little compass was a victim of my purging or not.  So I brainstormed for a minute and figured some canning jar rings would make the right size circles for the tower levels I needed to make for Orphone's seclusium.  I was able to map out levels 1-4 , completing level 1 (or ground level) enough for use and roughing levels 2-4 out with the intent of adding more detail next RPG work session.  I still need to map a subterranean level (doesn't have to be round) and get those Section 6 questions answered; so maybe a work session or two away from getting this Orphone business behind me and on to finishing the prep for Scenic Dunnsmouth (maybe, we'll see what I really feel like tackling!)

Orphone's Tower Levels 3 and 4