Saturday, September 17, 2022

Ox ---> Tiger Campaign Session #42


Session 42- Mystery Ship, Skyfinger (Behvo), Pagoda City


  • Tim starts a map of the Misty Isle per Ornie’s recollections 

    and Tim’s own jaunts.

  • Foraging: Kaja, Dalibor, and Onegin.

  • Shelby goes around giving pep talks to raise morale, thus 

    +1 Crew Quality Score.

  • Fecus has provided the Ghuls with Sailor Uniforms and 

    now guides them to repair the roof of Tim’s lab.

  • Sasha, Geoff, Yaroj, Kruluzax, and Yuri notice a 

    “Magic Pirate Ship” that the Golden Barge can’t quite 

    catch and can’t quite hit with firepower.

  • A group of Rams land and Black Sand Beach #1.

  • They encounter Skyfinger (Behvo) pulling a tanker car 

    and help him push it to the beach where he pushes out 

    into the surf.  He indicates he will assist Rams for one day.

  •  Rams come across a Grub Feeding Station manned by 

    6 Eldmen and 60 Human Slaves.  Rams defeat the 

    6 Eldmen and send the slaves back to the Golden Barge 

    with Boy and Gigurg.

  • Pagoda City… Nothing Burger?

  • Tim 100xp

  • Onegin? 100xp

  • Kaja 100xp

  • Dalibor 100xp

  • Shelby 100xp

  • Sasha 100xp

  • Geoff 100xp

  • Yaroj 100xp

  • Kruluzax 100xp

  • Yuri 100xp

  • Fecus 100xp

  • 6 Elmen killed = 60xp

  • 60 Human Slaves released + 300xp

  • XP Total 360

  • Tim and Fecus = 120xp each

  • Hirelings = 60xp each

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