Monday, January 29, 2024

Ox ---> Tiger --->Rabbit Campaign Session #107


Session 107-  Teleporting Back to the Golden Barge


  • Tim and Fecus decide to make use of Tim’s newly learned spell 

    Teleport to travel back to the Golden Barge.

  • Due to distance, the trip must be done in 2 jumps.

  • The first jump takes them back to Hendershot Farm in the 

    Shudder Mountains.

  • As a joke, Tim casts invisibility on Fecus and himself to sneak 

    up and scare their Hendershot Farm employee Boy.

  • Just as they are about to play their joke on Boy, 

    a Skeleton of Unknown Origin attacks the farm.

  • Tim drops the spell.  He and Fecus kill the creature.

  • Boy presents a local problem to Tim and Fecus for help and 

    they decline to get directly involved.  They give Boy 1000 GP 

    and tell him to hire some muscle to go deal with it on his own.

  • After a night of rest, Tim and Fecus take 2 quarts of 

    Hendershot Moonshine and Teleport to the Golden Barge which 

    has been anchored in the Alethorpe River just south of Tragidore.

  • Skeleton of Unknown Origin killed = 750 XP

  • Tim and Fecus each receive = 325 XP

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