Monday, March 15, 2021

Betina's Musings While Drinking with the Blue Elves of the Lunar Sphere

 How odd is it to meet people who come from one of the spheres represented by sculptures on the 3rd level of the Complex that we have been trying to remove over multiple delves without success?  How strange is it to have met these beings from the lunar sphere after we failed to gain access to the portal that would take us to yet another world represented by the sphere sculptures?  How uncanny is it that I'm one the people responsible for the disappearance of the compatriots of these blue elves from the lunar sphere and I barely remember my participation?  Before I had my worldview/philosophy changed by physical contact with an altar on the 3rd level of the Complex, would I have felt any guilt about the part I had played in the first encounter I had with the blue elves; binding them and leaving them to whatever fate they encountered afterward?  Probably not, but I've touched that alter and been changed by it and ALL of my experiences in the Complex and now I do feel guilt about this.  Our conversation on philosophy and religious ritual has been utterly fascinating, but when Scamandros and Dogmouth depart the Burning Witch, having not made the same headway in conversing with the elves, I'll have to own up to my responsibility in the fate of the Blue Elves' friends and offer my services to help them track down the missing duo....  if they'll take my assistance, and if
they don't kill me on the spot for revealing what I've done.  I wasn't alone in the encounter with those first elves, but I cannot reveal the identities of the others who were present.  It wouldn't be fair to my fellow adventurers to out them for something they did out of a sense of survival.  I can only hope the Blue Elves will understand my reasoning for taking sole responsibility and offering to do whatever it takes to satisfy their investigation into the disappearance of their friends.  Alright, there go Scamandros and Dogmouth... if this was my last delve and drinking session with them I hope they remember me fondly.

"This has been a lovely conversation," Betina says to the Blue Elves after the departure of her delving companions Scamandros and Dogmouth, "but I have a confession to make.  I'm responsible for some of what has happened to the two you are searching for and I want to make it right if I can."

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