Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Betina Is Blind And Other News

Betina the Blind

Several sessions back in Nick's Dying Earth inspired campaign, my character Betina was blinded by a creature known as the Slithering Devil.  The session after being blinded, a party of adventurers including her made their way to a location in the dungeon known as the White Alter.  After several hours of meditation the characters that sat vigil in front of the White Alter came away transformed either psychically or physically.  Betina had the good fortune to have her sense of touch enhanced to the extent that her ability to participate in combat was restored (OSE rules heavily penalize blind characters to the point they are unable to engage in combat).  I'll be playing my 9th session as Betina on Friday.

Real Life Steps On the Gas

As the Covid 19 pandemic swept through the world, many folks' lives moved into a weird limbo state of self-quarantine.  Not for me.  At the time things began shutting down I was a temp worker in an essential job.  Then within five days I got sick (never got tested or needed hospitalization, so not sure if it was the 'rona or not), my grandfather died (not the' rona, he was elderly and had cancer; he was like a father to me), and my outdoor cat was injured and required veterinary care.  My temp job ended on April 30th and I was able to line up another job  that started the following week.  It came with travel requirements and a graveyard shift schedule that I'm still adapting to as I write this post.  Gaming has been one of the bright spots in life lately and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to play!

Will DM for Birthday (or any) Cake, LOL

Woohoo!  One of my players has a birthday on Saturday and I get to resurrect my LotFP Year of the Goat Campaign as part of the celebration!  We dipped our toes into to Call of Cthulhu for awhile which was fun, but I'm so thrilled to go back to running LotFP.  I'm trying to alchemize my nervousness to DM again into excitement!  The last game of anything (Cthulhu) I ran was over the Winter Solstice. 

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