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Ox ---> Tiger --->Rabbit --->Dragon Campaign Session #121


Telephone to the Gods.

Session 121-  Talking to Gods


  • Intrigued by the possibility of speaking to Deities of the Realm, 

    Rams brainstorm some questions and decide who will talk to 

    which god.  There are 8 to choose from, some more known to 

    the party than others.  They are as follows:

    • St. George

    • Tycho

    • Tiamat

    • The Sovereign

    • Habeka

    • Ataala

    • Nirgal

    • Donn

  • Sigrun attempts to contact Donn, but fails and takes an 

    electrical shock from the communication apparatus.

  • Ewald also attempts to contact Donn and also fails and the 

    electrical shock kills him.  He reverts from spider form back to human.  

    He is quickly revived by Shelby.

  • Tim, a worshiper of Tiamat, chooses to contact her and succeeds.

    • Is Turms Termax still embodied?

      • Maybe

    • Are the Eld the biggest threat to the region?

      • Maybe

    • Do you approve of our quest to conquer Dwimmermount?

      • Irrelevant

  • Shelby, a cleric of Tiamat, contacts her successfully.

    • Are the Dwimmer Dragons in the belly of Dwimmermount?

      • Never

    • Are the Dwimmer Dragons thriving?

      • Never

    • Does Turms Termax pose a threat in his current form?

      • Yes

    • Do you bless our quest to uncover the truth of Turms Termax 

      and uncover the secrets of Dwimmermount?

      • Yes

  • Geoph contacts the Sovereign successfully.

    • Are we going to party again at the next Winter Solstice?

      • Yes

    • Are we doing a good job?

      • Unsure

    • Will the rash on my butt clear up soon?

      • Probably

  • As Geoph is finishing up his queries, 4 Slime Zombies wander in and 

    a quick skirmish results in Gerben Warbear being infected before 

    Rams can kill the Slime Zombies.  After the conflict, Fecus uses his 

    Black Flame Sword to carve the infected tissue off of Gerben’s upper 


  • 4 Slime Zombies killed = 3280 XP

  • Total XP = 3280 XP

  • Tim and Fecus each receive 1093 XP

  • Ferika and Kruluzax each receive 546 XP

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