Thursday, December 20, 2018

Switching Campaign Gears Today

Depeche Mode and Pile O' Maps

Just Can't Get Enough...

Of Dave Gahan or OSR maps;)  My plans today were to draw maps of either a wizard's tower or a dwarven delve for the online game I want to run.  I decided to outsource the work and get it all done this afternoon.  Digging through my hard drive yielded gems from a couple of Bundle of Holding acquisitions from last year.  I got a variety of maps to kick the campaign off from Dyson Logos' Dodecahedron Review 2016 and ACKS Lairs & Encounters.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy drawing maps, but I need to get moving on running a G+ Flailsnails game before G+ washes away like a sandcastle!  I know I could just move over and run on the Discord Flailsnails server, but I want to get at least one G+ game in just 'cause.  More work on this needs to be done before I can schedule a game, but it was good to get the mapping squared away.  I need to work on the home campaign, too, before I run it this weekend.  The "Mimic Chasers" (this group needs a name, this will do for now) are knocking around Halwic with their investigations, but I need to turn the heat up for this next session!

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