Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Post Mortem of My #DIY30 Experience

I Could Have Done Better

I didn't complete as many of the goals I laid out for myself as I hoped.  I'm not disappointed in myself, I'm just seeing how I misjudged how much I could finish in the time allotted

Near the end, my blog posts were rather truncated and probably a bit boring to read.

As far as the spirit of the challenge, I did less DIY and more adapting and converting of pre-written modules.

I Could Have Done Worse

I worked on RPG stuff 30 out of 33 days from September 1st to October 3rd and every day I worked on RPG stuff I also blogged about it.

The area on my campaign map where we left off the campaign last year is much more fleshed out and three out of four cardinal directions (from where they are located) have something nearby ready for the players to stumble upon and interact with if they choose.

Although I had hoped to produce more original material, thus adhering more closely to the DIY nature of the challenge, I did the work that I thought would be immediately useful in my home campaign.  That just happened to be adapting/converting a couple of  modules I had previously chosen for placement on my campaign map near where the PCs are located and likely to explore soon.

Parting Thoughts On My #DIY30 Experience

Participating in this RPG blog challenge was beneficial to me in that I felt I had to do RPG work everyday no matter how I felt or how much time I had to write/map/design in a particular day.  Working on my campaign everyday illuminated some of my writing inefficiencies and time-wasting tendencies.  Although I didn't complete as much as I wanted to when I set goals at the beginning, I still accomplished a fair amount of work and when I go back to running this campaign, I'll feel more confident about the encounters and adventure hooks that are available to the PCs in this area of the map.  I would like to do #DIY30 again, maybe early next year!

New Mini-Challenge for Myself

The goals that went unfinished will be rolled over into a new challenge I've set for myself.  After completing #DIY30, my blog was at 82 posts.  So the challenge for me will be to get to 100 posts by the end of 2018.  That will require 1.6363636364 posts per week until the end of the year.  Lol, or two posts a week most weeks.  #MOCKORANGECAIRN100  There, it even has a fucking hashtag now!

If You're Reading This I Want to Hear From You

Did you participate in #DIY30?  What did you think of your experience?  Why are you reading my blog?  What are you getting out of it?  What did you eat as a snack at that last game you DMed or played?  No snacks?  Are you fasting, lol?

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

#DIY30 Day Thirty

Three Rooms Left...

I worked on level three of the Broken Hammer dungeon and got so close to finishing today!  I'll wrap it up tomorrow, then it's on to the Treeblossom Village.  This wraps up my blogging of my #DIY30 challenge.  In a day or two, I'll do a post mortem on my efforts, but in short I'm happy I did it and happy it's ovah!  Thank you to anyone who has followed along.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

#DIY30 Day Twenty Nine


I'm nearly finished with #DIY30 and there are six rooms left to adapt/convert in the Broken Hammer dungeon level three.  After I finish up the dungeon it's on to the last part of the "Strange Bedfellows" adventure, The Treeblossom Village.  I knew it was going to take a lot of work to convert and adapt this adventure to my campaign needs, but I didn't realize it was going to dominate the second half of my #DIY30 challenge and then some!  I'm happy to have gotten so much done with this, though.  I'm making it my goal for October to do a little RPG work everyday, but I'm going to reduce my blogging to once or twice a week.  Still quite a bit of stuff to finish on the #DIY30 goals list I made for myself and I want to keep rolling with this momentum I have.  If you've read this post and any others, I would welcome your comments or questions!  Did you participate in #DIY30?  What did you accomplish during those 30 days?  

Monday, October 1, 2018

#DIY30 Day Twenty Eight

Level Two In The Can

I finished up the Broken Hammer level two and have moved on to level three.  It has about a third of the rooms of level two, so I should finish it up more quickly.  

Sunday, September 30, 2018

#DIY30 Day Twenty Seven

Operation Wood Pile Complete:)

I finished the last cords of firewood on Friday.  Then I was gloriously lazy Saturday.  Today I almost finished the conversion/adaptation of level two of the Broken Hammer dungeon.  Like I said earlier, I'll run my #DIY30 work into October as needed, so looks like I'll be finishing up on the 3rd.  The Broken Hammer dungeon has a third level, so I'll get started on that.  When I complete this challenge I took upon myself, I'll keep working on the projects I didn't get to, but at a somewhat reduced pace.  I'm thinking I'll work on stuff enough to write two blog posts a week.  We played D&D 5e this morning.  It was the second session of this arc of the campaign.  Early stages, but lots of fun!  The DM for that game is setting us up for some scary stuff, I think!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

#DIY30 Day Twenty Six

Progress Was Made....

But not as much as I predicted yesterday, lol.  I got more done with the wood pile, but I chipped away at level two of the Broken Hammer dungeon a little, too.  I might finish the wood stacking tomorrow, but no promises.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

#DIY30 Day Twenty Five

It's My Birthday

I turned 40 today.  I took the day off from wood stacking as a present to myself, but I worked on the Broken Hammer dungeon level two.  Only nine rooms left to adapt, maybe I can crank through it and the wood pile tomorrow.  We'll see how it goes.  My birthday celebration turned out to be an awesome BBQ.  We're having a warm fall, so far, here in my corner of the NW.  Soon though, the short gray days will have their reign!