Friday, February 2, 2018

The Upside of Burnout

Where are the extra character sheets at Vega?
 Or, a new DM emerges from the player pool to run their first game(s)!
2017 was a less consistent year of gaming than I would have liked in regards to the campaign(s) I've set out to run.  I was humming along through March, then as I was putting energy into starting a small business, I was unable to run games regularly through the late spring and whole summer. I hit the wall/got burnout/started suffering from "DM's Block" back in August/September of the year to kind of add to the mix.  At the same time it was the beginning of great new things for my gaming group.   One of my players stepped up and started running D&D 5e (the adventure from the starter set, Lost Mines of Phandelver) as their first foray into DMing.  On 12/10/17 we played our tenth session using that adventure material, and probably have about two more sessions of play by my guesstimate (I haven't read the adventure.)  It's been fun stepping out of the DM role for awhile and coming at things from a player's perspective!  And watching someone grow into being a good improvisational DM has me both impressed and inspired to get back to DMing soon.  After this 5e adventure wraps up, the plan is for me to run a one or two session game of Call of Cthulhu (6th edition... I've heard the editions 1-6 are congruent with each other and that 7th has made either a refinement on or departure from that through
line depending on who you listen to/read.)  This will be my first time running/playing CoC.  I've been enjoying Lovecraft's work for more than twenty years, so I'm quite excited to get my paws into this game!  After that wraps up, I want to get back to running my Lamentations of the Flame Princess campaign "Year of the Goat."

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