Friday, August 26, 2016

Free RPG Day 2016 Loot

Free RPG Day 2016 Loot

On Free RPG Day 2016, I ran two game demos at my FLGS and that earned me four tokens which I could use to pick what I wanted from certain piles of loot.  I didn't reserve the module (Slugs) I wanted really badly; it had run out before I showed up to run my games.  An employee at FLGS hunted around and found someone who could be talked into giving me Slugs.  I offered that awesome person the Mutant Crawl Classics module The Museum at the End of Time.  So this is the list of what came home with me, and a few comments on each.

1.  Dungeons & Dragons (4th Edition) Adventure "Bloodsand Arena"
My comments:
This is from Free RPG Day 2010.
It might be missing a pack of pre-gens?  Not a big deal for me.  I've never played 4th ed, just mine it for ideas/maps/whatever.
It is for Dark Sun, a setting I really got into back in the 2E days.

2. Free RPG Day 2016 Pencil
My comments:
This little guy was netted with my 3rd or 4th token.  By then the pile was getting thin.

3. Lamentations of the Flame Princess "Slugs!"
My comments:
Thank you, person who traded me for MCC!  You know who you are.
Lets be honest here.  This is why I signed up to run demos.
It's a bestiary.  Yaaaassssss!

4. Munchkin Card "Cash Cow"
My comments:
I own Munchkin.
I have never played Munchkin.
Now I have a bonus card.
See comments item #2.

I wanted to add that I thought the MCC module was compelling enough for the few minutes it was in my hot little hands, that I ended up supporting the MCC Kickstarter that occurred not too long after Free RPG Day 2016.

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