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Rules and Resources for Year of the Goat Campaign One

Rules and Resources for Year of the Goat Campaign One

Books, Hardcover, Lots of Utility, so far
    -Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Role-Playing, Rules and Magic- This is the ruleset I am using for this campaign.

    -Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Role-Playing, Referee- I have the Grindhouse Edition (as of this blog post the newer edition isn't published, yet.)  Page 76 gets a lot of use, it contains an Armor Class Conversion Chart for 6 old school inspired games (including LotFP.)  Great advice is given on adventure creation and campaign management.  I enjoy the author's voice (that statement sounds pretentious, but it's true.)  Year of the Goat Campaign One kicked off with the Adventure "A Stranger Storm."

    -Vornheim: The Complete City Kit- Sometimes a literate, magic-using murder-hobo comes along and wants treasure in the form of books.  This happened in Year of the Goat Campaign One.  Pages 48-49 contain a d100 table of book subjects.  All you need to do is have some made up titles to add to the mix and presto!  Books to Beguile!  Other highlights are NPC Connection Chart, Front and Back Cover are Die-Drop Tables of Infinite Permutations (quickly generate characters and creatures, locations, and create attacks!), and I love the art, maps, and creativity bursting out at me.

    -A Red and Pleasant Land- OMG. Mind. Blown.  Nephilidian Pawns have appeared "on screen" in the game and a Nephilidian Knight of the name Lord Vortulak has been working "off screen" for now...  Also great tables, maps, and absolutely bursting with awesomeness.  I.E. Where Have You Been? D20 Table. 

    -Red Tide: Adventure in a Crimson World-  This is a setting and a sandbox campaign toolkit all in one handy book.  Not really making use of many of the setting elements for YotGCO, but the helpful tables and tools for the creation of sites has streamlined my sandbox prep so much, I don't know how I managed before, seriously!

PDFs, Fucking Bang Per Buck Ratio is Usually Quite Appealing

    -All Hardcovers above I own in PDF format as well. 

    -Labyrinth Lord Revised Edition (No Art-Rules Only)-  This is my bestiary of what I liken as the "Fantasy Classics."  It is a ruleset on it's own, but I only make use of the monsters and sometimes the treasure tables.  I am grateful for the free no-art version, I want to look at other stuff from these guys to purchase.

    -Green Devil Face #4-  Random Inn Generator, have used.  The Chamber and the Glass Box, want to use.

Modules, So Far

    -A Stranger Storm, LotFP Referee Book Module- I mentioned above this is the adventure I ran to start YotGCO.  I did little to alter this adventure before I ran it.  16 sessions in and some of the mimics are still on the loose!

    -The Forest Oracle, AD&D N2-  I did A LOT to alter this one for my game, but I feel like it has provided some great encounters.  It had a setting element that dove-tailed well with a condition of my setting, inspiring me to whittle it into something I could work into my campaign.  Another delightful feature is that it played deadlier than I expected!  One PC death so far (still playing this one as of this post) with 7 retainers meeting their end as well. 

In case you also have just crawled out from under a rock, Blogs of Distinction

    Playing DnD with Pornstars and while you are at it look for the web show called I Hit It with My Axe.

    Jeffs Gameblog

    False Machine

    Last Gasp

These are links...

Lamentations of the Flame Princess Rules and Magic

Lamentations of the Flame Princess Referee ( Old Grindhouse Edition)

 Vornheim: The Complete City Kit

A Red & Pleasant Land

Red Tide: Campaign Sourcebook and Sandbox Toolkit

Labyrinth Lord: Revised Edition (no-art version)

Green Devil Face #4

The Forest Oracle

Playing D&D With Pornstars

Jeffs Gameblog

False Machine

Last Gasp


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