Sunday, June 19, 2016

I ran LotFP demos for Free RPG Day 2016...

So here are some of the details about my demo day experience.

I signed up for 2 two hour time slots.

I only promoted my game a little on G+ about a week ago.

I did some word of mouth "promotion."  Told a few friends and co-workers.

Was asked to blurb it on facebook.  I don't have that.

I did a work trade for an awesome poster/flyer.  Ran out of time for printing and posting flyers:-(

7 people (maximum) sat down for demo #1.  6 people sat down for demo #2.

I ran A Stranger Storm from the Grindhouse Edition Referee book for both demos.

I planned on having about 6 people per demo.

I made 24 pre-gens, hoping I would run out by TPK'ing and would have to resort to making people using on their phones.  Didn't happen.

Pre-gens were book mark style.  Ability, spell, and equipment were all randomly generated.  Equipment using a table on Zak Smith's blog.  Thanks Zak!

I left the choice of melee weapon up to players.  Someone went with a Mancatcher.  It was useful.

This was my first time DMing for strangers.  I enjoyed it.

I'm glad I ran an adventure I was familiar with, I have used this one in my home campaign.

Someone's comment was that the game felt spooky:-)


I might have more to say on this later.  For now it's the beginning of my work week.  Boo hiss.